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SEO Case study

Telecom SaaS SEO

Like many small B2B tech companies serving niche industries, this company relied on outbound marketing to generate leads and drive growth. Their website was merely a brochure site with near zero non-branded organic traffic. 

Industry: Business Process Automation

CMS/Stack: WordPress

Business Size: SMB, less than 50 employees

The Problem

Despite being in business since 2002, the company had no brand recognition, no industry authority and little content. They literally ranked for no keywords other than branded terms and had a duplicate site using a ccTLD (country code top level domain) that was not translated.


  • Top executives not bought-in

  • No internal resources for development, content or marketing strategy

  • In-house subject matter experts had no time to devote to content development

  • Very low budget

The Solution

After cleaning up some minor technical issues and removing the duplicate site, the first goal was to get executive buy-in by getting a quick win. The SEO and content teams worked together to produce a very high quality guide about their most important service. A thorough analysis of all of competing content was completed leveraging AI tools including Content Fusion by SEO Clarity to help minimize human research hours. The client’s in-house subject matter experts collaberated to refine and expanded upon the original draft insuring the piece truly was the best content on the topic. 

The new content was published but was slow to get indexed. This was during a period of time in 2021 when many SEO were reporting delays in getting new content indexed, even for high quality sites. After more than 30 days the new content was finally indexed and debut at position 9 for the target keyword but rose steadily over a few weeks to fluctuate between #1 and #2 long-term.


This quick win helped get more support and resources to continue developing content.

The Results


In addition to getting dozens of target keywords onto page 1 of Google, many pieces of content were selected for use in Featured Snippets (position 0, above the traditional 10 blue links).


This business went from 0 non-branded organic visits per month to over 300 in less than 6 months with at least 1 confirmed order worth over six figures in revenue. 

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